You know, I never really gave most AC games the time of day after the first until Origins came out. Now, it just feels wrong to play games so dated. I admit it, I’m a bit of a graphics snob (which is why I love Breakpoint so much).

So, I picked up the Ezio collection for PS4 and will finally see if the gameplay really keeps my attention.

Beyond that, I’ll be doing some work on my upcoming Breakpoint anniversary content, and probably loading up some Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 just to enjoy some great sniper action.

No Metal Gear Solid for me this weekend, though it is available again on PC. I enjoy MGS V: The Phantom Pain, but stepping back into the history there is just.. No thanks. I considered going the Metal Gear route for nostalgia purposes, but still.. No. I don’t want to feel disappointed based on how much games have changed over the years.

What’s on your gaming list this weekend?

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