Much like a child who finally realizes they like green beans, or (more apt in my case) an older person finally lets go of prejudices, I am willing to admit that I was wrong.

Hitman 3 is actually.. Pretty decent.

That doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

The story, while “fitting”, is still just as bland and useless as it always has been. The only difference here is that it’s delivery is performed with bombast and lens flare; I’d equate it to the newer Star Trek films, rather than Citizen Kane.

You’re an assassin. You kill people. That’s your job. That’s all I really need here, and the long cutscenes really did kill my momentum. Sure, they are pretty, but I prefer my prettiness to be in the form of nice graphics during gameplay.

The game walking you through the avenue of attack for each mission is done well: Well enough that, as you go through it, you discover.. “Hey, next time I play this mission, I should try this”. In this case, the first playthrough handholding is a GOOD thing, not just a way to make it more approachable to people new to the series (or stealth in general).

So, with that said, you’ll probably see me play more Hitman 3 in the future. I don’t expect to put together any guides, but at least I’ve got something different to stream.

I will say this though:

Sam Fisher would totally kick Agent 47’s ass.

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