I can’t even begin to express how happy I am to write this.

Royal Match is a game many have heard of; with rich graphics, unique tactical puzzles and a wildly diverse set of game modes, the latest update has added a new stealth game mode that is sure to delight fans of stealth gaming.

Let’s break it down.

True mobile stealth gaming

Do you want to know how great the stealth gameplay is in Royal Match?

It’s so good you can’t even find it. I’ve been playing for 72 hours straight, only taking breaks to eat some leftover Taco Bell, and so far I haven’t even unlocked the “Save The King” levels.

This one is fucking hard, man.. Well, I assume it is; I haven’t seen this level yet.

I just.. I’m blown away. They managed to make the meta for this game flawlessly immersive.

Multiplayer stealth gameplay? You bet!

Pretty sure this really is a game feature here; Again, I haven’t seen it, but why would they lie?

I think the multiplayer is actually stealth mode, too, because I can’t seem to figure out if I’m actually fighting against anybody or not.

I keep trying to find out how to get into the airplane so I can do flying tournaments, or how I can change my character to be the dog, but.. I mean, it’s GOT to be in there, right? All the ads have it!

Should you play Royal Match?

This is one of those rare instances where I’m going to say: Yes.

Mostly because I want to see if someone else can figure it out and tell me where all the stealth gameplay modes are so I can finally play the GODDAMNED FUCKING GAME THAT’S IN THE FUCKING ADS.

In case it’s not obvious..

April fools, ghosts.

The Score:

Stealth Mechanics


Weapon Mechanics


Combat Mechanics









10/10 (souls-like)

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