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Does weapon range matter in Starfield?

Posted - Weapon range in Starfield is deceptive, and you can hit targets outside the range stat

Starfield: Pistolero (Pistols Only) Build

Posted - Be the close-range stealthy space-assassin of your dreams

Starfield: Bounty Hunter Build

Posted - Get your inner Boba Fett on with this bounty hunter build for Starfield

Is (stealth or no) melee viable in Starfield? It’s complicated.

Posted - Bethesda's track record with half-baked skills & mechanics rears it's ugly head

How Stealth works in Starfield

Posted - Understanding Starfield’s stealth mechanics

Starfield Stealth Sniper Build

Posted - The closest thing to Skyrim’s stealth archer build

How to use the star map in Starfield

Posted - Starfield's UI is atrocious, especially the star map. Here's how to understand it.

How Persuasion Works in Starfield

Posted - Despite confusion, persusasion in Starifeld is actually fairly simple

When should I start NG+ in Starfield?

Posted - With Starfield's unique NG+ mechanic, it's not a matter of "if", but "when" for NG+

Starfield Review

Posted - A Bethesda game that had a smooth launch, but is otherwise like all the others

How to smuggle contraband in Starfield

Posted - Become Han Solo sans-wookie by smuggling in Starfield

And here comes another time-sink: Starfield first impressions

Posted - I haven't even finished Baldur's Gate 3, and now I've got to play Starfield too?!

About Starfield:

Starfield - an open world space opera RPG - has been described as “Skyrim/Fallout in Space”, and even if you believe it, it doesn’t matter: Starfield is fun!

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