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6/13/2021, 10:30

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Review

SGW Contracts 2 retains and improves upon the existing formula in the series

6/9/2021, 11:25

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2: The Kill Cam

SGW Contracts 2 has an amazingly well-done kill cam. Here's a few of Will's shots.

6/6/2021, 9:05

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 First Impressions

CI Games appears to have (nearly) knocked it out of the park with Contracts 2

6/4/2021, 8:52

GGN Supports Pride for June

Pride month is especially relevant for many gamers. Here's how you can show your pride.

6/2/2021, 17:04

GGN to Stream SGW: Contracts 2 on Release Day

at about 1 PM CST you'll be able to watch WFL take some really long range shots

5/28/2021, 20:52

Ghost Recon Breakpoint MSR Bullet Drop, Damage and More

Is the MSR the best sniper rifle in Ghost Recon Breakpoint? Let’s break it down.

5/23/2021, 20:22

Days Gone PC Release Initial Impressions

I'm very late to the Days Gone bandwagon: I think that's a good thing.

5/18/2021, 16:36

Ghost Recon Breakpoint adds Ghillie Hoods in 4.0.0 update

Plus Teammate Experience, bugfixes and more, but ghillie hoods in Breakpoint is a big deal in this update

5/18/2021, 11:33

Days Gone finally out for PC

Days Gone is one of the few zombie-themed games with reasonable stealth mechanics

5/15/2021, 16:40

The Division Heartland appears to have stealth mechanics

A leak appears to confirm stealth in The Division Heartland

5/12/2021, 11:47

The most interesting upcoming tactical shooter of 2021

Get it now on Steam Early Access before it's price jumps again

5/10/2021, 6:52

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is out today. Here’s why I’m not playing.

While pre-orders got to hop in early, regular folk are just getting to it now.

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