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Contrary to popular belief, I do play games that don’t have stealth/sniper mechanics.

One such game was Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

Hellblade was a brilliant and immersive game with unique mechanics, beautiful world design, and unrivaled storytelling combined with good combat and puzzles.

It was a small project, but was so well received that a sequel was pretty much a necessity.. And now we have a new trailer (and a release year – 2024).

What we see is more of the same we experienced in the original; Mystery, otherworldly design, combat, and more.

We also see help from other NPCs in some fashion; while this isn’t clear as to their actual affiliation to Senua, it’s something unique when compared to the original.

I am ecstatic. When it comes out rest assured I will not care about anything else GGN would normally cover.

There are so few games that have such a massive presence inside my mind, and this is guaranteed to be one.