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After being severely disappointed by AC Mirage, I was ready to hop back into Cyberpunk 2077 and see how the 2.0 update changes things.

I really had no interest before the 2.0 update to replay the game; I felt it was good, but not “replay and try something different” good.

The ongoing content was pretty meh, and I just didn’t really care that much.

When 2.0 came out, though, and I saw the spike in traffic again, I realized I should probably take a look and see what’s changed.

Turns out, almost every single guide I’ve written is now useless, so.. Let’s start over with it from the beginning.

Overall the story hasn’t changed; Aside from the new DLC, it’s the same core storyline, which is good. The voice acting and everything else is just superb here, and it’s nice to come back since I haven’t really touched it for a significant time.

What isn’t nice is that – so far – I’ve encountered far more bugs and performance issues than I did when the game first released.

This includes one game-breaking bug that required me to load a previous save; Jackie just finished talking to me, so I pulled up my in-game phone, and.. He started talking to me again. This made it so I literally couldn’t do a single thing in the game except for quit and reload a previous save.

I also frequently have HEAVY slowdowns when opening the map initially, and also during some cutscenes, with no rhyme or reason for the cause. Framerate-wise I can run pretty good quality with raytracing on and average about 60 FPS at 1440p, but these sudden massive dips in framerate just.. Suck.

The positive aspects thus far are that your preferred playstyle becomes actually usable pretty early on; I’m of course re-doing my stealth hacker build, and found myself enjoying hacking quite a bit right from the start.

This is all thanks to a massive – and VERY well done – overhaul of the skill system.

I’m definitely enjoying it despite my aforementioned issues, and will plan to publish a full 2.0 review (and revised versions of my old guides) as soon as possible!