We finally have an update on the Gollum game

Posted - Unfortunately, all my info is via the major industry writers' own coverage

Epic is cancelling Sniper Elite 5 pre-orders?

Posted - Apparently starting just over 2 days from release, Epic is cancelling pre-orders

Sniper Elite 5 stealth formula has shifted

Posted - Sniper Elite 5's stealth is as much your kit as it is your actions

What time does Sniper Elite 5 release?

Posted - Sniper Elite 5 is live this week. Find out when you can start playing. *UPDATED*

How Stealth Works in Elden Ring, Pt. 3: Stealth Magic

Posted - Stealth Magic in Elden Ring is a mixed bag, but there are a few useful sleepers.

How Stealth Works in Elden Ring, Pt. 2: Stealth Equipment

Posted - What gear improves stealth and stealthy gameplay in Elden Ring? Let’s break it down.

Ghost Recon to get a “proper” new sequel?

Posted - While we have nothing solid yet, there is some limited hope for Ghost Recon

Sniper Elite 5’s weapon customization details shared

Posted - Devs with Rebellion shared details on Sniper Elite 5's weapon customization system, which is a major addition to the game

Ghost Recon Breakpoint finally gets another bugfix patch – UPDATED

Posted - While nothing special, it's good to see that TU 4.5.0 fixes some bugs.

How Stealth Works in Elden Ring, Part 1: Stealth Basics

Posted - Understanding the core mechanics of stealth in Elden Ring is a simple affair

If I can beat Elden Ring, so can you (probably).

Posted - I'm here to celebrate my success, as well as yours in the future.

What is Elden Ring REALLY Like?

Posted - Understanding what Elden Ring is ends up being easy when you compare it to something..