What is Elden Ring REALLY Like?

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Elden Ring’s Bows vs. Crossbows: Which should you use?

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Sniper Elite 5 finally has a release date

Posted - And it's coming much sooner than expected on May 26 this year

Elden Ring’s first massive patch starts balancing the game

Posted - Among various fixes, cheese methods like Barricade Shield and Hoarfrost Stomp have been nerfed.

Can you beat bosses with stealth in Elden Ring?

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Why I Requested a Refund on Horizon Forbidden West

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Is Elden Ring too hard? That’s a complicated question.

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Elden Ring Review

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Elden Ring is delaying my review of Elden Ring

Posted - Can someone just make my entire job to play Elden Ring for the next month? Please?

Elden Ring: First Impressions

Posted - Stealth like Sekiro and Duels like Dark Souls

AC Valhalla Title Update 1.5.0 fixes even more stealth bugs

Posted - Patch also contains necessary bits for DAWN OF RAGNARÖK

SPOILERS AHEAD: Elden Ring’s Stealth Magic

Posted - Updated 2/19: Elden Ring’s stealth embraces magic, too. Here’s what we know before launch.