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I replayed the original Baldur’s Gate so many times I figured out how to solo it with just one character (hint: It requires stealing a very special cloak from a very special person). Boo is my copilot.

In college, I had a lot of fun playing D&D, too, and played both 2e and 3e. I would literally spend hours pouring over source material to plan out a character from levels 1 to 20 (prestige classes really complicated things for me, too).

So, with Baldur’s Gate 3 coming, I had to make a decision.. Do I abandon all hope and spend my life playing it over and over to review it, create guides, and more?

The answer is.. Sorta.

I don’t plan on reviewing BG3; Enough folks are covering it that I can safely say my opinion is not going to add much value here. I have been playing it in early access, and can safely say that if you have any interest in D&D, turn-based RPGs, tactical games and more, you should absolutely definitely play it.

I will, however, probably create a handful of guides for various builds later on down the road. I’m expecting the game to have some balancing tweaks post-launch, too, so I won’t be putting a huge amount of time into it early on.

Arcane Trickster and Gloom Stalker are top of my list to mess with (of course).

Anyway, below are the release times (CST folks, the release time will be 10 AM August 3rd).

Baldur’s Gate 3 PC launch times