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10/6/2021, 8:51

Ghost Recon Frontline: How it should’ve been announced

Ubisoft has continued to alienate fans of the GR series. Here's some hindsight on the Frontline announcement.

10/5/2021, 12:28

Ghost Recon Breakpoint 20th Anniversary Update Summary

Here's everything worthwhile we've learned from the livestream

10/2/2021, 6:17

Ghost Recon 20th Anniversary Update Teased

Where we'll most likely get word on the Motherland DLC, and more

5/12/2021, 11:47

The most interesting upcoming tactical shooter of 2021

Get it now on Steam Early Access before it's price jumps again

3/1/2021, 16:30

Wonhon: A Vengeful Spirit demo available

Give the prologue a shot and see what the unique top-down stealth game is all about!

11/18/2020, 11:52

It’s OK to turn down the difficulty in games

Stigma attached to reducing difficulty shouldn't be a thing. Here's why.

10/23/2020, 5:50

Urban Strife bringing old-school tactical gameplay

With zombies comes realistic bullet physics, factions, and a full SDK for modders

10/21/2020, 6:42

Solasta: Crown of the Magister now on early access

The D&D-based game focusing everybody in the party being heroes is now ready for your dice rolls

10/14/2020, 16:10

Partisans 1941 released

The tactical game following in the footsteps of Commandos is now available on Steam

10/13/2020, 16:25

Wonhon: A Vengeful Spirit Gameplay Demo

Watch a developer speed-run through the demo.. Yes, speed-run.

10/13/2020, 16:13

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Goes On Kickstarter

Core game is built and funded by studio, but Kickstarter allows them to expand development

10/7/2020, 6:56

Tactical Combat Department provides fresh take on modern tactical police work

Check out the gameplay trailer and get a demo of Tactical Combat Department

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