I am rarely excited about early demos of games, but Road to Vostok has been an interesting game to behold.

A hardcore single-player survival game in the vein of STALKER is always welcome when done right.. What’s more interesting is the fact that Road to Vostok is being built by a lone developer, and a public demo will be pushed to Steam at the end of this week (no timeline on when Steam will actually make it available, however).

Here’s what the demo will contain.

That’s quite a bit to play with there.

If you’re unaware, Road to Vostok will include a permadeath mechanic, but not in the entire game: Only one region will result in permadeath, which you can certainly avoid if you don’t want to end up losing everything.

Overall, it’s made an impressive showing with just the published videos and screenshots. The public demo will help us decide just how excited we should get, but I do want to caution you: Demos like what is coming should be considered early-alpha, and are not always indicative of the final product.


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