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GGN: Modern Articles

Articles covering modern games with stealth, sniper & tactical gameplay

1/12/2022, 6:25

Black One Blood Brothers is now out on early access

After abandoning BLACK DAY, developers showcase new game with a slightly different direction

1/7/2022, 19:12

The Best Standard Weapons in Far Cry 6

Until you start earning Moneda and catch some of the items from the Black Market, these weapons will do everything you need

12/15/2021, 16:34

A Splinter Cell remake is coming!

The original Splinter Cell is getting a (hopefully) true-to-source remake

12/12/2021, 16:13

The Best Supremos for Stealth in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6's Supremos have limited utility, but some perform better than others

12/11/2021, 7:52

Sniper Elite 5 Details Released

Finally, a new Sniper Elite game is coming.. Soonish.

12/8/2021, 9:49

Why an open world Splinter Cell is a bad idea

Rumors hint at an open world Splinter Cell coming

12/7/2021, 19:55

What Ubisoft Quartz means for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

NFTs are coming to Breakpoint, whether we want them or not. It's possibly a good thing.

12/6/2021, 18:22

Far Cry 6 Black Market Update – 12/6/2021

Yet another unnamed rifle in Far Cry 6, and not much else worth buying

12/2/2021, 15:17

If the rumored new Splinter Cell is true, fans want in

An open letter to Ubisoft needs your signature

11/30/2021, 16:42

The worst game I have ever played: NERO The Sniper

It's not even so-bad-its-good, but it IS hilarious.

11/29/2021, 18:18

Far Cry 6 Black Market Update – 11/29/2021

For Cyber Monday Ubisoft gave us.. More bugs! (Updated: Now with gear, but.. bugged!)

11/25/2021, 8:48

Breakpoint Realism Mod – Should you use it?

There is a new way to play Breakpoint in town, but there are some important considerations.

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