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When I started Ghost Gamer News a few years ago, I was happy. Filled with excitement at the prospect of turning a fun hobby into something just a bit more productive, covering the hosting costs for my websites and (hopefully) giving me an excuse to have fun and play more games.

With the state games are being released in now, however, I’m beginning to rethink my entire strategy for this website.

Redfall, as I continue to play it, just gets worse and worse.

Performance in Redfall is absolute garbage as you get out into the game world proper and start actually doing stuff.. And it’s not even consistent garbage. I’ll get 70+ FPS at one moment and then a few random freezes, 10 seconds of sub-15-FPS and more the next.

Twice now I’ve had the game lose capture of my mouse for no explicable reason, and this never happens with ANY other game.

The combat combined with movement itself is as if they didn’t even try to test it. You move relatively fast like a more modern shooter (such as the latest Doom) overall, but when it comes to combat the stick and move, circle strafing, cover and more are just not there and you feel like you’re tethered to a pole, unable to actually dodge attacks.

Not that you really need to; the AI is so easily flummoxed that I feel like I could, for the most part, just stand there and shoot and be absolutely fine. I just eliminated 2 random vampires I encountered that way, in fact.

The direction of the game makes so little sense sometimes, too; It told me to go collect supplies while I look at a flyer for some store having a sale. This makes sense.

Then I go outside and 2 helicopters crash, so the game suggests “Oh, let’s go find supplies there”.

And after that, the game tells me I can go in the completely opposite direction of both of those to unlock a convenient fast travel point.

I get freedom in open world games; that’s why I enjoy them.. However, it’s so disjointed in the delivery that I am suspect of any real thought going into how this game is supposed to even be played.

Speaking of the open world, it is.. Tiny. It doesn’t take long to go from one end of the map to the other at all.

I just.. Part of me wants to say “fuck it” and not even bother reviewing games at this point.

It makes sense with games like Star Citizen. That’s not a full release. It’s an alpha early access game (playing the long-haul beta like Gmail did).

Redfall? From a studio that has such great releases under its belt and ownership under a relatively solid parent company?

Who knew a vampire-based B-movie-themed game would suck so hard.

I’m going to give Redfall a break. Let them work out the kinks. Ironically enough, I’m going to go play an Ubisoft game that was stable and fairly good from the start (The Division 1, which I actually never finished, unlike 2) as a cleanser from this dumpster fire of a release year.