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2023 game releases have been.. disappointing.

Posted - I'm gun-shy on picking up any new titles to review for fear of wasting my money

Can Redfall be fixed?

Posted - And if so.. When will Redfall finally be patched enough to be good?

Redfall is a bloody mess.. And so are most other releases this year

Posted - Most major game releases in 2023 so far have failed spectacularly, creating a trend

Redfall First Impressions

Posted - Like most reviewers, my initial feelings are very "eh" on Redfall

Redfall provides accessibility guides before launch

Posted - In approximately 12 hours Redfall goes live, and it provides some solid accessibility

Redfall: Stealth, Single Player, and the gameplay loop question

Posted - I don't know what to make of the new vampire-hunter game Redfall's "stealth" gameplay