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The Last of us Part I’s PC port? An epic crash and burn.

Redfall? A disappointment even when I didn’t pay for it.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum?

Well, I am not even going to bother reviewing it at this point.

As a small independent content creator, I rarely get review copies of games.. And almost never from anybody but indie developers themselves. Combine that with limited time and I make a really hard decision about what games I will review.

This week I decided to pick up Miasma Chronicles; I figured I could play it a bit, get my first impressions out, and then do a full review next week or the week after, and then grab Gollum; I’m taking my first multi-day trip in years this weekend, so timing was better to cover Miasma Chronicles first, and then Gollum (although Real Life(TM) pretty much eliminated my available time).

The delay worked out even better than I could imagine, because reviews of Gollum from nearly every reviewer I personally trust have been.. Disappointing.

It’s not much of a shocker to say that; the writing was already on the wall, but I had hopes that things could be recovered enough to still make a fun game.

Apparently that’s just not a thing for many developers this year, and you know what?

I’m going to just keep saving my money and delay most – if not all – my reviews.

Given that I don’t get early copies to review anyway, delaying by another day or two won’t hurt me at all when it comes to visibility.

And, as a bonus, I get to save a little more money in the process.