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The Saboteur DLC that was recently released for Sniper Elite 5 is simply this: a new rifle, a new secondary, and a new skin.. For $9.99.

If you’ve got the second Season Pass you’ll already have it, but if you’re buying your DLC separately?

Eh, this is one I’d definitely pass on.

The Tera rifle is fair-to-middling, not really offering anything highly unique over other rifles (a full review will come next week some time); New secondaries are of dubious usefulness in general, and I didn’t really feel like the grease gun is all that great.

And a cosmetic skin for Karl is.. Eh, I prefer the ghillie.

A free no-cross map has come out along side the DLC, but owning the DLC is not required at all to attain it.

Watch the fancy promo video below. Patch notes and a link to purchase can be found here.