Starfield Stealth Sniper Build

Posted - The closest thing to Skyrim’s stealth archer build

Where to get a sniper rifle in Star Citizen

Posted - Sniper rifles are among some weapons that can’t be purchased in shops

The final DLC for Sniper Elite 5 is out

Posted - Play "The Kraken Awakes" mission, get a new pistol and more

Sniper Elite 5 Tera Rifle Review

Posted - A “highly mobile” sniper rifle that you won’t care about

The Sniper Elite 5 Saboteur DLC is out..

Posted - ..And not entirely worth it given the minimal showing for $9.99.

Sniper Elite 5 Pedersen Rifle Review

Posted - The second Season Pass 2 DLC rifle is another dud, unfortunately

Unlock the Pedersen rifle & new skins with Sniper Elite 5’s latest DLC

Posted - The Pederson rifle is a unique addition to the SE5 weapons list

Sniper Elite 5 Mosin-Nagant Rifle Review

Posted - A DLC rifle that really has no niche (updated per 4/11/2023 patch)

Sniper Elite 5’s Rough Landing DLC out now

Posted - The first Season Pass 2 DLC also comes alongside a free weapons pack

Ground Branch receives massive, critical update

Posted - The tactical shooter's v1033 update adds much-requested functionality

Ghost Recon Breakpoint comes to Steam (and Linux)

Posted - Thanks to GamingOnLinux for a guide to get Ghost Recon Breakpoint running on Linux

Sniper Elite 5 is getting a second Season Pass

Posted - Sniper Elite 5 continues to get DLC updates for 2023