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8/17/2021, 16:48

SGW Contracts 2: The PR15 Hera Review

Another DLC rifle.. that may be just slightly OP

8/4/2021, 6:49

SGW Contracts 2: The UK 50 Review

The true workhorse heavy rifle that will carry you through the entire game

7/24/2021, 17:27

SGW Contracts 2: The HOG-30A2 Review

Is this paid DLC weapon worth the money? Let's find out.

7/24/2021, 8:54

Stealth Guide for SGW Contracts 2

Learn how to sneak around like the best of them in SGW Contracts 2

7/21/2021, 17:50

SGW Contracts 2 mission DLC “Butcher’s Banquet” released

The first mission DLC for SGW Contracts 2 is available for free

7/11/2021, 7:34

SGW Contracts 2: The Ron B107 Review

The biggest, baddest, bestest heavy rifle in SGW Contracts 2? Let's find out.

7/5/2021, 13:18

The best support and stealth perks in SGW Contracts 2

Here's the best (and worst) stealth perks in SGW Contracts 2

7/4/2021, 9:57

SGW Contracts 2: The LSSR Mysh 2 Review

A popular semi-auto sniper rifle with limited versatility

6/28/2021, 20:41

Ballistics and other sniping mechanics in SGW Contracts 2

The numbers lie (sorta) in SGW Contracts 2. Here's what you need to know about sniping in SGW Contracts 2

6/25/2021, 22:06

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2: The Defender 888 Review

A decent all-round early game sniper rifle, when properly equipped

6/21/2021, 9:42

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2: The MSSR 10 Review

The quietest medium sniper rifle has a lot going for it

6/20/2021, 18:12

The best Mask and Recon perks in SGW Contracts 2

Which perks are the best and which are duds in SGW Contracts 2?

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