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The Tera sniper rifle in SE5 joins other DLC rifles that focus on some obscure niche feature of limited utility.

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Let’s talk about why the Tera rifle sucks.

SE5 Tera: Highest-damage configuration

The high damage configuration of the Tera rifle

One thing you’ll notice here is that both the high & recommended configurations will have the same damage.. And that’s because there are limited ways to increase said damage.

With a damage of 115 per shot at the high-end, you’re going to want to focus on headshots.. Especially with the slow rate of fire.

The only reason to really go with this configuration, however, is to gain a slightly higher muzzle velocity, which leads us into the stealthiest configuration.

SE5 Tera: Stealthiest configuration

The quietest configuration of the Tera rifle

At it’s quietest configuration the Tera loses a bit of muzzle velocity and drops the audible range to 49 meters.

The damage drops to 99, however, which.. Well, the Gewehr’s quietest configuration has the same with lower audible range and a higher rate of fire.

SE5 Tera: Recommended configuration

The recommended configuration of the Tera rifle

The recommended configuration swaps out the suppressor for the MK II, which is our usual choice. This brings the damage back up to 115 and the audible range to 60 meters. This is better than the Gewehr and SREM-1 in regards to audible range, but damage on both beats this out handily which makes the sacrifice of limited benefit.

SE5 Tera: general thoughts

Overall, the Tera’s selling point of high movement speed is of dubious usefulness. The fractions of a second you save moving from cover to cover while holding this rifle are negated by the slower rate of fire, small magazine and low damage.

Take the Gewehr or SREM-1 over this any day of the week.. And if you need something for close-range, the M1A or DL Carbine are going to be a better choice overall anyway.

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