Sniper Elite 5 Mosin-Nagant Rifle Review

Posted - A DLC rifle that really has no niche

Sniper Elite 5’s Rough Landing DLC out now

Posted - The first Season Pass 2 DLC also comes alongside a free weapons pack

Sniper Elite 5 is getting a second Season Pass

Posted - Sniper Elite 5 continues to get DLC updates for 2023

Sniper Elite 5 Lee No. 4 Rifle Review

Posted - A solid and versatile rifle for short, medium and long range.

New Sniper Elite 5 DLC, “Conqueror”, plus more, released

Posted - The paid DLC includes a new mission & more, but the extra free DLC includes a new rifle

Sniper Elite 5 Win & Co 1885 Rifle Review

Posted - A high-powered single-shot rifle that fills a unique niche

The latest SE5 DLC – Up Close & Personal – is out

Posted - Featuring a lever-action sniper rifle, an SMG, and the ability to role-play Die Hard

It looks like more Sniper Elite 5 DLC is coming soon

Posted - A cryptic tweet in morse code drops the hint for new Sniper Elite 5 DLC.. UPDATE: It's out now.

Sniper Elite 5 Landing Force DLC: Is it worth it?

Posted - The first DLC for Sniper Elite 5 is out now, and here’s my take.

Sniper Elite 5 D. L. Carbine Review

Posted - A unique rifle makes an even more unique comeback

Sniper Elite 5 “Landing Force” DLC released

Posted - The first DLC for SE5 includes a new mission, new MP map, and weapons

Sniper Elite 5: Get the longest shot in the game

Posted - Reach out up to 1,937 meters away for the longest shot in Sniper Elite 5 (updated)

About Sniper Elite 5:

Sniper Elite 5 is yet another game in the Sniper Elite series. Each iteration has brought subtle changes in the WW II sniper theme. Sniper Elite 5 features more detailed weapon customization, which provides more options for stealthy players as well as more run & gun fans, and stealth itself is even further enhanced.

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