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Is Rebellion phoning it in on these last DLC rifles? Will Marie and Karl ever resolve the romantic tension between them? How many more ways do we have to kill Hitler before we get a female protagonist?

Let’s answer the first question and ignore the rest and talk about why I feel like the Pedersen is another rifle not worth the time to unlock it’s parts.

Pedersen Rifle: Highest-damage configuration

The Pedersen rifle’s highest damage configuration

At it’s highest damage levels the Pedersen rifle does a paltry 110 damage with a muzzle velocity of 868 meters per second.

The only reason to take this over the Gewehr 1943 is the higher time to aim, equip time and movement speed. While these numbers are great for a rifle that pretty much necessitates staying in close range, the Gewehr can get more rounds down-range faster, and if you’re that close, you’re almost always better off saving your ammo and using your secondary in a loud configuration.

Pedersen Rifle: Recommended configuration

The recommended configuration for the Pedersen rifle

By swapping out the brake for a suppressor you get a slightly more usable rifle, but.. Not that much more usable, honestly.

The damage stays the same, and the muzzle velocity drops to 740 meters per second, which is less of an issue for something designed for shorter range engagements.

Again, however, the Gewehr is going to beat this one out: Not only does it do more damage in my recommended configuration, but it’s got almost exactly the same audible range with a higher muzzle velocity.

Pedersen Rifle: general thoughts

If you want a rifle for close range engagements – or to complete iron sight challenges – there are many that are going to be much more appropriate. The Gewehr we’ve already mentioned, but I’d also encourage you look at the DeLisle or M1A Carbines instead, as both are much more versatile at close ranges than this.

There is a chance that Rebellion will patch this rifle like they did the Mosin to boost damage or other stats, but even those changes weren’t enough to justify the Mosin after they were done..

So, with that in mind, I’m going to suggest you pass on the Pedersen rifle.