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The De Lisle Carbine was, in some ways, “cheat mode” for Sniper Elite 4. It was the only rifle with a suppressor in the game, making stealthy play-throughs much, much easier.

In Sniper Elite 5, however, the De Lisle Carbine fulfills a different role.

Let’s talk about the unique use of the D. L. Carbine.

D. L. Carbine: There’s just one way to rock this rifle.

The D. L. Carbine’s recommended configuration

The D. L. Carbine really only has one useful configuration, and it hinges on unlocking the extended suppressor barrel. With this addition you get a damage of 89 with a paltry muzzle velocity of 320 meters per second. You also get an audible range of 11 meters.

Think about that. You’ll rarely be that close to most enemies, so this rifle essentially becomes the ultimate silent killer that you can use in nearly any area.. As long as your target is close, given the effective range of 180 meters and muzzle velocity of an artillery piece.

D. L. Carbine: general thoughts

If you’re expecting a long-range silent killer, you’d have the wrong expectations.

The D. L. Carbine in Sniper Elite 5 is actually more like a Welrod with a scope and longer range, and that’s how you should treat it. The damage, rounds per minute and audible range are all comparable between the Welrod and the D. L. carbine, with the rifle edging out over the pistol in most cases (where it matters, at least).

Additionally, kitting it out with a bayonet makes this great for quick melee attacks, allowing you to avoid the obnoxious behavior of bouncing off your enemies as you try to melee each other at the same time.

Taking long range shots is possible, but exceptionally challenging.. Especially if you play on authentic difficulty. Shooting past 100 meters can be a real headache, especially since the reticle options don’t provide any extra reference points for bullet drop.

My number one tip? Carry match ammo with you for any shots past 100 to 150 meters. While it won’t make a massive difference, it’ll be enough to help you hit the target. After all, what do you need subsonic for with this quiet little rifle? In fact, this rifle – much like it’s real-world counterpart – shoots .45 caliber rounds, which is already subsonic in most use cases.