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Don’t feel like watching a video? Read the transcript below, which has more updated info as of 4/12/2023!

The Mosin-Nagant M91/30 is another popular request for Sniper Elite fans, and the first DLC of the second season pass gives it to us.

Let’s break down this rifle and see why I think it’s not really that great of an option.

Mosin-Nagant: Highest-damage configuration

Mosin-Nagant Highest Damage Configuration

At it’s highest damage configuration, the Mosin-Nagant has an effective range of 550m, acceptable muzzle velocity, and 150 HP of damage (Updated 4/12/2023).

Overall, this sounds decent, but when you compare it to the m.1903 you’ll find it really doesn’t stand out that much.. Especially if you’re using my recommended configuration of the m.1903.. Which outpaces it in most critical stats (and matches damage) even with a suppressor.

Mosin-Nagant: Recommended configuration

Mosin-Nagant Recommended Configuration

At it’s stealthiest is also how I’d recommend you carry this rifle, should you choose to.. Out of pity, or nostalgia, it’s up to you.

By swapping the brake for a suppressor you’ll drop the muzzle velocity down a bit and bring the damage down to 134 HP (Updated 4/12/2023). While still serviceable thanks to the 550m effective range, there are better options out there, such as the k98k.. Which does significantly more damage in my recommended configuration, while only being heard just slightly further out.

Mosin-Nagant: general thoughts

I’m trying to rationalize some reason to carry the Mosin in Sniper Elite 5, but honestly.. I can’t (even after the patch that bumped damage and muzzle velocity).

It has good effective range, but even considering the damage drop-off the k98k will always beat it out, just sacrificing 13 meters of detection range.

And, if you want raw damage output, the m.1903 or Win & Co 1885 will handily overtake it, no problem.