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We already have a new DLC release for Sniper Elite 5; while this one doesn’t include a new single player mission, it does include a new rifle (the Pedersen), new character skins, and a new weapon skin.

Additionally, a new free no-cross multiplayer map has been released outside the DLC.

See the trailer below for more.

The Pedersen rifle is interesting; It doesn’t support any optics at all, and is instead designed for use with iron sights at short & medium range. I will note that some images of the rifle show it’s unique case ejection method in a way that may confuse some folks: It may look like it has an adjustable peep site for elevation, but as far as I can tell it doesn’t. I’ll be sure to do a review of it this weekend, however.

Additionally, this DLC includes updates to the Mosin Nagant; remember how I said the Mosin was somewhat lacking in usefulness? Well, they’ve attempted to fix that by slightly bumping up the muzzle velocity, and pushing the base damage up to 140 (from 130).

Unfortunately, it’s not quite enough in my opinion, but you should feel less weak using it at least should you still want to do so.

Get the full details of the DLC and patch notes here.