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Oh, what? There is new DLC today?

I should’ve known when I checked my analytics during my lunch break that there was new DLC when my upcoming SE5 DLC article started trending again.

So, anyway, let’s get the paid DLC out of the way: “Conqueror” includes a new mission, a shotgun, and a skin pack. This DLC will set you back $10 USD unless you already bought the season pass.

Ok, that’s great, let’s get back to.. Wait, there’s more?

Apparently additional free DLC was released too; the Airborne Elite pack includes a new rifle (Lee No. 4) and a character skin. This was released as part of Rebellion’s 30th anniversary.

Anyway, I will certainly try to get the rifle reviewed this weekend; I may even stream the new mission Saturday night. Don’t expect me to put together a review of the mission DLC, however; I’ve gotten a little more obsessed than I normally am with Star Citizen, and DLC reviews tend to perform too poorly to actually be worth the effort for me, so instead I’ll leave you with this pretty video about all the new stuff from Rebellion for SE5.