Color me surprised; When asked in comments previously about a second season pass for Sniper Elite 5, I demured, stating that we most likely wouldn’t see a second season pass.

Well, today we learned that I was wrong (which isn’t necessarily a new experience for me).

We got some free weapon skin DLC today, but Season Pass 2 for SE5 will be coming later in the year in a staggered format much like Season Pass 1.

The new season pass includes 2 new campaign missions, 6 new weapon packs, two weapon skin packs, four new character skins, plus a smattering of new multiplayer maps.

Additionally, it looks like we’ll see a new community event much like the previous one.

They hinted at two of the new weapons, and for my fellow snipers, one is apparently comparable to the Kar 98 or Springfield m.1903.. This means a long-range, high-damage beast.

Most likely we’ll see 2 snipers, 2 secondaries, and 2 pistols as far as weapons go. If previous DLC weapons are any indication, unlocking modifications for these will require you to essentially complete challenges, rather than finding workbenches for the standard game weapons.

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