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So, Ubisoft has finally cut the cord and put Ghost Recon Breakpoint on Steam.

For the most part I’d suggest getting it on Uplay over Steam, just because either way it’ll require the Ubisoft launcher to run.. Unless you’re a Steamdeck or Linux user.

With Twitter going down the shitter, I finally made the move to Mastadon, and ended up following GamingOnLinux ( Liam over a GOL put together a guide for getting Ghost Recon Breakpoint running on the Steam Deck as well as Linux, with some caveats, but if you’re a Linux gamer, definitely check it out. I can’t personally confirm the results (my Linux boxes are a server and a dev laptop, nothing with the hardware needed for Breakpoint), but Liam has been very reliable on this sort of stuff, and nothing he’s shared is anything too complex (or requiring anything super hacky).

It’s not perfect on Linux or Steam Deck, but if you’re tired of paying the Windows tax, you’ve got options!