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11/18/2020, 11:52

It’s OK to turn down the difficulty in games

Stigma attached to reducing difficulty shouldn't be a thing. Here's why.

11/16/2020, 6:40

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 delayed to 2021

In an interview with Well-Played, CI dev talks delay, gameplay and more

11/13/2020, 6:37

Ghost Gaming Weekend: Ubisoft stealth has taken over my life.

Breakpoint, AC Valhalla and WD Legions all deserve some extra attention

11/6/2020, 6:45

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s next update enhances stealth and more

Things are getting interesting for Ghost Recon Breakpoint fans

10/27/2020, 7:30

Gaming vs. Reality: Do silencers really work as good as they do in movies and games?

Do suppressors actually make guns go pew quietly? Let's dig into it.

10/26/2020, 9:49

Star Citizen may provide detailed sniper mechanics

Longer range and zeroing of optics may make Star Citizen the ultimate futuristic sniper game

10/23/2020, 16:09

Ghost Gaming Weekend: Becoming a Legend

Putting some time into Ghost of Tsushima's Legends mode solo is on the docket!

10/9/2020, 16:13

Ghost Gaming Weekend: Preparing for fall game releases

Time to finally 100% Ghost of Tsushima before New Game+ comes out!

10/4/2020, 8:54

Happy Anniversary Ghost Recon Breakpoint: GGN Guide List

Ghost Recon Breakpoint was released 1 year ago today. Here's the collection of every guide I've made!

10/4/2020, 8:38

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Sniper Rifle Reviews

Nearly every sniper rifle in Breakpoint, evaluated for range, damage and sound detection range!

10/4/2020, 8:27

Ghost Recon Breakpoint DMR reviews

Nearly every DMR in Breakpoint, evaluated for range, damage and sound detection range!

10/1/2020, 16:47

PS4 Generations Sale: The best PS4 Stealth & Sniper Games

Games of a Generation Sale features a number of great stealth titles for the PS4

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