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If you have aspirations of becoming a great sniper in Ghost Recon Wildlands, you’ll need to know how to calculate the bullet drop in Wildlands. This guide will walk you through calculating your DOPE easily, so let’s get started!

Where to range your rifle in Wildlands

As far as locations go, there are a lot of options, but my current favorite choice is in Barvechos at the Charlie rally point.

Here’s the map of the location I range my rifles at

Northeast from the rally point is the Macoya Cooperative: This is your target. More specifically, a tin-roof shed that’ll be perfect for you.

See that shed I’ve got marked? Aim for that.

Now that we’ve got a location, it’s time to share exactly how you’ll use it.

How to range your rifle in Wildlands

Once you’re at the rally point, move South – Southeast a bit. Put your binocs or drone on the shed noted above, and mark it.

Now you’ll know exactly how far you are from the target!

If you move in a southernly direction you can get further away from the target and still retain visibility thanks to the elevation of the area you’re at. I typically start at 300 meters away from the target, then move to 400, 500, and 600, aiming for the edge of the shed and watching for the spark of a hit. Be sure that the spark you see is from the lip of the shed and not the metal railing just below.

If you want to confirm a 200 meter zero (typical for more sniper rifles in Wildlands) just cross the road and you’ll be able to do that.

Don’t feel like ranging your own rifle, and just want an easy bullet drop chart to follow? Check out my Wildlands bullet drop charts.