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Are you tired of there not being any real risks to death in Ghost Recon Wildlands? Are you clearing bases with ease and jumping out of helicopters without any sort of adrenaline rush?

You need to try Ghost Mode.

Even the most skilled snipers in the game can find a real challenge in Ghost Mode, which is a permadeath ultra-hard mode in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

When you start a new game with Ghost Mode, everything seems normal.. Except you have to deal with friendly fire, no secondary rifle, losing unfired rounds every time you change your magazine and losing your entire progress with just one death.

These extra challenges mean you need to plan ahead even more than normal as a sniper, and it all starts with selecting the right rifle for the job.

My Ghost Mode sniper loadout

I recommend the MK14 rifle for Ghost Mode. Why? Multiple reasons. One, the MK14 with the right attachments has a bullet drop that lines up with the G28 scope (see my Wildlands bullet drop charts here).

Two, you can have both semi-auto and burst fire with the MK14, which makes closer range engagements much easier.

And finally, everything you need can be acquired easily very early in the game without needing to air-drop into some heavily infested base. The MK14 itself is found in Koani. While Koani is a 5 skull region, the weapon case itself is guarded by just a handful of lone baddies. As long as you’re careful and use your AI teammates you’ll be fine.

The rest of the parts are challenging, but not TOO challenging. Just recon the areas, watch the patrols, and take your time. You’ll be fully equipped in no time and ready to take on Ghost Mode!

Additionally, don’t neglect your pistol: If you’re using a sniper rifle as your primary you’re going to run out of ammo quickly, so taking foes stealthily with a pistol when you can is a good idea just to ensure you have plenty of rounds for the MK14.

Finally, don’t hesitate to swap weapons when needed. The MK14 is a fantastic rifle, but it won’t do EVERYTHING perfectly. Sometimes you just need to lay down a bunch of rounds, and the MK14 isn’t for that. Switching to an LMG, M4, or MK17 is perfectly reasonable at times.

Bonus Tip: I recommend ensuring your character is wearing a different outfit from your non-ghost-mode saves, just so you don’t get them confused and end up killing off your Ghost mode character 🙂