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10/8/2020, 16:19

I might actually try Watch Dogs Legion.

The next game in the Watch Dogs series may have enough interesting mechanics to actually draw me in.

9/21/2020, 16:33

Is VR ready for stealth & sniper gameplay?

We're seeing more and more titles pursuing VR releases, but is the experience worthwhile?

9/16/2020, 19:38

We’re officially getting a new Splinter Cell in 2020/2021

The new Splinter Cell is an exclusive that hardly anybody asked for, or even wants.

9/11/2020, 9:46

Splinter Cell in Breakpoint Pt. 3

It's not quite the Sam Fisher experience we crave, but there isn't much else out there.

9/6/2020, 15:01

Splinter Cell in Breakpoint Pt. 2

Completing actual missions as an agent of Fourth Echelon in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

9/4/2020, 17:43

The Division & Stealth

Does the Division 1 & 2 have stealth? Sort of.

9/3/2020, 16:39

The Accessibility of Stealth, Sniper & Tactical Games

September is Pain Awareness Month, so I'd like to share one of the other reasons I created GGN

9/2/2020, 17:25

Splinter Cell in Breakpoint Pt. 1

In this part of the series, we focus on maxing the Echelon class

8/24/2020, 19:18

The biggest failure for snipers in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Sniping in Ghost Recon Breakpoint suffers from one major, glaring weakness

8/22/2020, 16:54

Developers: Let us fail at stealth!

In numerous games, when stealth fails, it’s game over. Give us options, instead!

8/18/2020, 17:15

Unpopular Opinion: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 was the best dedicated sniper game

Though plagued by a lackluster story and cringeworthy voice acting, the gunplay was superb

8/16/2020, 22:00

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2: Please bring back true sniper shots

SGW Contracts failed to provide true "sniper" experience

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