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GGN: Editorial Articles

Opinions from the Ghost Gamer News staff

12/8/2021, 9:49

Why an open world Splinter Cell is a bad idea

Rumors hint at an open world Splinter Cell coming

12/7/2021, 19:55

What Ubisoft Quartz means for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

NFTs are coming to Breakpoint, whether we want them or not. It's possibly a good thing.

11/25/2021, 8:48

Breakpoint Realism Mod – Should you use it?

There is a new way to play Breakpoint in town, but there are some important considerations.

11/13/2021, 8:17

Why I won’t be buying any Far Cry 6 DLC

Far Cry 6's end-game suffers from a lack of things to do: the Upcoming DLC won't fix that.

10/6/2021, 8:51

Ghost Recon Frontline: How it should’ve been announced

Ubisoft has continued to alienate fans of the GR series. Here's some hindsight on the Frontline announcement.

9/24/2021, 9:11

What’s next for Ghost Recon Breakpoint & The Series?

Will there be a new game in the Ghost Recon series? If so, will it be worth it?

9/12/2021, 20:26

Far Cry 6, Stealth, and the Homogenization of Ubisoft Titles

Is Ubisoft becoming the Muzak of the gaming industry?

8/30/2021, 11:55

Elden Ring, Stealth, And Souls-Likes

Why difficulty options matter, and how Elden Ring's stealth and world design may help

8/6/2021, 6:48

AC Origins is the best modern AC game: Fight me about it.

The first truly open-world RPG Assassin's Creed game still holds up better than Valhalla

8/1/2021, 16:07

I’ll admit it.. Hitman 3 isn’t bad.

My hate for the Hitman series has finally begun to subside.. Somewhat.

5/5/2021, 11:50

Oh, the horror! Where has the stealth game gone?

Will break's his anti-horror rule and decides to make a visit to a village.

1/24/2021, 8:55

Sniper & Stealth Games Coming Out in 2021

2021 is looking to be a good year for stealth gaming. What's on your wishlist?

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