Quirks of the ‘Verse: Ships in the Front Yard

Posted - What happened to the neighborhood?

Is Star Citizen a Scam?

Posted - Why Star Citizen needs so much money and time

Ecumene Aztec: A suspicious title

Posted - I'm doubtful Ecumene Aztec will be the "Aztec Assassin's Creed" folks are hoping for

Miasma Chronicles: First Impressions

Posted - 2023 was looking to be the worst year for gaming. Miasma Chronicles defies the trend

2023 game releases have been.. disappointing.

Posted - I'm gun-shy on picking up any new titles to review for fear of wasting my money

Quirks of the ‘Verse: Invictus 2953

Posted - Testing Star Citizen's servers as well as the player's patience

Redfall is a bloody mess.. And so are most other releases this year

Posted - Most major game releases in 2023 so far have failed spectacularly, creating a trend

The Last of Us Pt 1: A Blatantly Bad Release That Defrauded PC Gamers

Posted - An Exercise in Poor Release Standards and Consumer Deception

Game prices are increasing, but game quality is.. Eh.

Posted - I'm old enough to be invested in the previous price bump.. This one feels different

The home of many beloved stealth franchises is in trouble

Posted - Ubisoft's future is grim based on latest activity and the investor call

The Evolution & Accessibility of Flight Sim Games

Posted - This post on how flight sims have changed is heavy on the "back in my day"

Classic stealth gameplay isn’t necessarily worth rehashing.

Posted - Just because it was old, popular, and set a standard doesn't mean you should emulate it completely.