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Quirks of the ‘Verse is a video series that makes light of the strange bugs and generally odd or humorous encounters within Star Citizen while it’s in alpha.

Don’t feel like watching a video? Read the transcript below instead!

It’s fairly well-known that Star Citizen’s servers tend to spend about as much time under verbal flames as they do in almost literal conflagrations.

During major events that have free-fly available for new folks to join in on the fun?

Let’s just say that you probably shouldn’t plan to enjoy too much of the actual intended gameplay itself.

Most Star Citizen veterans are aware of this, and are prepared to make their own fun.

Fun like..

..Prone crawl racing.

To the torpedo burrito stand.

Last one there has to buy the winner a burrito.

I mean, it’s not the greatest exposition of Star Citizen’s richly detailed systems and mechanics that players can experience, but..

..Well, I mean, maybe it is, in a way.

Just another quirk of the ‘verse, I guess.