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If you’re looking to try out some new ships in Star Citizen, your chance will start very soon.

May 19th-30th you’ll be able to check out a lot of ships in Star Citizen. Throughout the event they’ll change up the focus on what ships you can check out, so if you’ve got something specific on your mind, be sure to hop into Star Citizen during the appropriate time.

Additionally, we’ll also see version 3.19 make it to the LIVE servers; this patch so far has been performing well in PTU, so hopefully it’ll provide some much-needed relief to folks who have been struggling with 3.18.

With Invictus typically comes special ship deals, FYI. Some ships with limited availability – like the Aegis Eclipse Bomber – become available for purchase with real world money during Invictus, and there can also be discounts on other ship packages as well, so if you’ve been holding out for a very particular ship this is definitely going to be the one to watch.

We’ll also see the unveiling of some brand new ships, and hopefully the servers will hold out enough for everybody to be able to actually enjoy the game during the event!