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Squadron 42 is a LOT further along than expected

Posted - "Feature complete" Squadron 42 is more than inching it's way towards release

Where to get a sniper rifle in Star Citizen

Posted - Sniper rifles are among some weapons that canโ€™t be purchased in shops

Quirks of the ‘Verse: Ships in the Front Yard

Posted - What happened to the neighborhood?

Is Star Citizen a Scam?

Posted - Why Star Citizen needs so much money and time

Star Citizen common bugs and workarounds

Posted - Star Citizen has plenty of bugs. Hereโ€™s a running list of workarounds for some.

Quirks of the ‘Verse: Invictus 2953

Posted - Testing Star Citizen's servers as well as the player's patience

Invictus 2953 starts this week. Here’s what to look forward to.

Posted - The big spring party is all about checking out the ships of Star Citizen

Star Citizen 3.18.1 Update: Full Wipe Concerns

Posted - Initially planned as a partial wipe, multple hotfixes have complicated matters for 3.18.1

Quirks of the ‘Verse: Weekend at Bernice’s

Posted - Alternatively titled: Fun with Physics

Star Citizen 3.18’s launch has gone.. Poorly.

Posted - Persistent Entity Streaming, Salvaging & more overshadowed by server issues and bugs

Star Citizen Space Combat Pt. 2: Weapons

Posted - Understand how to effectively use your ship weapons & more in Star Citizen (As of 3.19)

Star Citizen Space Combat Pt. 1: Ship Control

Posted - Understanding core flight mechanics and power management in Star Citizen (as of 3.19)