Last Updated: 7/30/2023

First off: If you have a workaround that isn’t included on this list, let me know in the comments so we can get it added!

This bug and workaround list for Star Citizen will be an ongoing project; as Star Citizen continues in development, old bugs disappear, and new ones come up, and in some cases the workarounds can change. If you encounter something new, check back on this guide to see if a workaround has been posted.

An important resource to check out is the current server status for Star Citizen. If you’re having general hiccups, always check that for something new going on.

Star Citizen General Bugs & Workarounds

Wrong component/weapon showing up in local inventory after changing ship components/weapons – This looks scarier than it is (especially if you’re just testing out swapping parts). Just log out to the menu and log back in and the component you removed should come back as the appropriate part.

Unable to equip a different kind of missile in my ship – Thankfully this is another simple one; first, unequip the missiles that you want to replace. As you unequip them, the new missiles you purchased (assuming they are compatible with the rack you’ve got set up) will show up, allowing you to equip them.

Unable to load ship component/weapon lists for modification – This one always happens to me after I have changed some equipment on my ship and then go to a new store to buy more stuff to pop on it. This is another one where logging out to the main menu resolves the issue.

Ship takes forever to appear in hangar – Unfortunately, this is less of a workaround and more of a warning; If you call up your ship at a terminal and it takes more than a handful of seconds to appear, you’re going to want to store your ship as soon as it comes up and just not plan on doing anything of substance.. Because the server is on the edge of bursting into flames and 30ks.

ASOP Terminals are all “in use” – This one was supposed to be fixed in a prior patch, but it still happens.. Thankfully, not as frequently. You can attempt to close the active window on the terminal by clicking the “X” in the upper-right, but most of the time you’ll just have to log out and wait for the server to finally restart.

Unable to open elevator doors – Sometimes, the elevators just don’t want to open period (which is better than them trying to kill you, of course). If you’re in the hangar and the elevator door won’t open, just get back into your ship, request to leave, get out of comm range, and come back. Most of the time – barring severe server issues – the doors should be working. If you’re stuck at the elevators by the ASOP terminals, then.. I’d play it safe and log off. Most likely the server is going to continue to have issues, so better to give it a couple hours to attempt to recover.

Star Citizen Flight/Flight Control Bugs & Workarounds

Quantum travel going forever in the wrong direction – This is a fun one! If you’ve got a marker on a planet for a mission (such as a bounty), don’t just quantum directly to it; you need to get closer to the planet it’s on first. The recommended path here is to quantum to the planet first, and then quantum to the target.

Stuck in quantum travel – If you’re stuck in quantum travel (from the above bug, for instance), the workaround is easy: Turn off your power and turn it back on, then you should be able to get out of quantum travel.

Can’t restock your ship – If you’re landed on the appropriate pad and can’t bring up the restock & refuel mobiglass menu, go ahead and power down, get out of your ship, store it, exit to menu, and then log back in. Once you do that you should be able to call up your ship and then access the restock & refuel menu. If after trying this it still doesn’t work, head to another port to do your restock/refuel (such as the H1 or H2 stations rather than Everus Harbor around Hurston).

My ship just exploded as I was leaving/entering the hangar! – Whoops! Unfortunately, while not guaranteed, the best thing to do here is always approach landing and takeoff very – VERY – slowly. Most commonly what is happening here is that you’re colliding with invisible ship parts, but most of the time you’ll be lucky enough to spot a stray landing gear or something giving you a sign that you need to be extra careful.

I can’t request docking! – If you’re using the comm panel of the mobiglass, you’ll instead want to use the keyboard shortcut (alt-n). You may not get auditory confirmation of docking requests being granted, but you’ll see the marker telling you where to go!

I requested docking, but it says I can’t land at the pad! – Most likely you accidentally requested docking twice; no big deal! Just fly away, quantum to another point (something close by is fine), quantum back, and then you should be fine to request docking again once you’re within range.

I can’t tell which target is my bounty since the mission target isn’t centered over the target, and they are clustered together! – This one is obnoxious, especially since as of 3.19 the target’s names don’t actually match the ones in the bounty mission listing. For some reason the “Neutralize” marker that comes up is never actually centered directly on the target, but offset to the edge of the marker. In order to determine your actual target, all you need to do is cycle through the targets it could be and see which one’s distances matches the distance noted on the neutralize marker; It is exceptionally rare that the targets will be so close together that they retain the same distance.

The ship I’m shooting at won’t lose it’s front shields! This is a particularly obnoxious bug for bounty hunters; some AI ships will essentially have infinite front shields because while you’re clearly hitting the front shield, it’s actually affecting the rear shield.. However, even if you bring the rear shield down, as long as you’re still shooting the front shield your damage won’t get through! The only way around this is to either A) use ballistics (which bypass shields by a significant amount) or B) try and get behind the target.

The Quantum Beacon isn’t showing for an assistance beacon! In some cases, after accepting a beacon (such as a combat assistance beacon), you’ll get confirmation of the mission as active, but the tracking marker won’t show up highlighting the beacon. The beacon is actually there, don’t worry! The easiest way to get it is to go to your star map and select it as your route from there.

Star Citizen FPS/FPS Control Bugs & Workarounds

Unable to “place” objects in your hand – If you’re trying to be a good citizen and put your empty water bottles in the trash, this one can be frustrating. The only sure-fire solution I’ve found is to place the item in my inventory, log out, log back in, and then hopefully I’ll be able to place it.. Otherwise, you can just be a litter bug, but.. That makes the space narwhals cry.

Unable to mantle up an obvious path in a cave – This one is simple.. Just keep spamming jump and running at it until you get it. It’s annoying, but until that specific cave design is fixed you’ll just have to keep hoping to get a lucky grab.

Controls glitch to where I no longer run where I’m pointing – In reality what’s happening here is your movement direction is no longer based on your head turn, but your body’s direction. This bug typically occurs after eating/drinking glitches, and the only fix (as of this time) is to exit to the menu and hop back in.

Got a bug I missed? Let me know!

Just leave a note in the comments; I try to make note of them as I encounter them, but sometimes I forget.

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