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I’ll keep my own discourse to a minimum, but I do have some thoughts to share after you watch the video, which gives a more high-level overview of Assassin Creed: Mirage’s parkour, stealth and assassination systems.

In general, this is a promising first glance at the game. Fluid parkour is much needed after the more brute-force experience of Valhalla.

Stealth systems lean more towards classic mechanics, but overall it should be nothing surprising to fans of modern stealth games (and I have no doubt that there will be some form of “tall grass” beyond the haystacks).

What peaked my interest was the enemy types.. The enemy with the warning horn isn’t surprising, but the fact that they are finally going to nerf eagle vision with a marksman enemy type? Shocking, and I’m excited for the added challenge that’ll bring. Of course, it’s like drone jammers in games like Sniper Ghost Warrior, but to see the mechanic in an AC game is a welcome surprise.

AC Mirage’s planned release date is October 12, 2023.