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Quirks of the ‘Verse is a video series that makes light of the strange bugs and generally odd or humorous encounters within Star Citizen while it’s in alpha.

Don’t feel like watching a video? Read the transcript below instead!

The neighborhood has really gone downhill.

You see, I live in Everus Harbor.

I hunt bounties, and occasionally investigate insurance claims for the Hurston AO. It’s not a glamorous life, but it’s mine.

My ship is paid off, and I can afford to indulge at my favorite Torpedo Burrito.

The neighbors, however, seem to have a problem.

When I came back from picking up some new missiles out at Area 18, I walked in and found what appears to be the front half of an Aurora near the ASOP terminals.

Look, I understand it: Your ship breaks down, you need to fix it.

Just.. work on it in your hangar, please? Oh, and don’t leave your damned ship weapons in the hallway.

This used to be a nice neighborhood, but now? Just a bunch of folks running around screaming “30K! 30K!”, abandoned hospital gowns on the floor, and all sorts of garbage everywhere.

..Just another quirk of the ‘verse, I guess.