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There comes a bit of a risk when playing a game still in alpha.. Especially when the game has the scope Star Citizen has.

Star Citizen 3.18.1 (and 3.18.2, which is already in PTU testing) – when released – will include a full wipe.

Initially 3.18.1 was only going to have a partial wipe; purchased items and ships would disappear, but you’d retain your aUEC as well as any ranking you’ve earned in various orgs.

The 3.18.1 full wipe comes as a bit of relief; due to some bugs I’ve lost a fair amount of aUEC, so getting going quickly with 3.18.1 without resetting my aUEC was going to be a challenge.

The real question is.. If 3.18.2 is close enough to already be on PTU, what will the wipes include to encourage folks to actually play in the meantime, since they’ll lose their progress as soon as 3.18.2 comes out?

We don’t have an answer for that yet, but with any luck it’ll include a healthy amount of aUEC to allow us to experiment with ships, builds and more.