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The Evolution & Accessibility of Flight Sim Games

Posted - This post on how flight sims have changed is heavy on the "back in my day"

Classic stealth gameplay isn’t necessarily worth rehashing.

Posted - Just because it was old, popular, and set a standard doesn't mean you should emulate it completely.

AC Valhalla has new free DLC coming Tuesday. I don’t care.

Posted - The experimentation in new gameplay directions comes too late for AC Valhalla

The risks of playing games in Early Access

Posted - Early access can spoil a game before it's reached it's potential

Ubisoft’s decommissioning of online services and singleplayer impact

Posted - Splinter Cell, AC and more will lose DLC access and functionality

Avoiding burnout with your favorite games

Posted - It's OK to take a break from a game.. Especially if you game for a living.

Ready or Not was temporarily removed from Steam: Here’s why.

Posted - The truth is almost always just a little less exciting, although VOID did screw up a bit.

An argument to pre-order Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl

Posted - Stalker 2 is available for preorder.. And preordering, for once, is a genuinely good thing to do.

Ghost Gamer News is celebrating pride month

Posted - Showing the love all month in the gaming industry!

Ghost Recon to get a “proper” new sequel?

Posted - While we have nothing solid yet, there is some limited hope for Ghost Recon

If I can beat Elden Ring, so can you (probably).

Posted - I'm here to celebrate my success, as well as yours in the future.

What is Elden Ring REALLY Like?

Posted - Understanding what Elden Ring is ends up being easy when you compare it to something..