I hate leaks, but given how Ghost Recon Breakpoint has essentially gone out with a whimper, I wouldn’t mind sharing something “positive”: Apparently, a sequel that is NOT FRONTLINE is coming in the Ghost Recon universe.

The story was on Kotaku, and I personally tend to avoid their reporting in general, but it’s a solid enough rumor from what I’ve heard from other folks that I’ll at least share it with you all.

In case you didn’t know, Ghost Recon Frontline is a really bad idea that was poorly announced by Ubisoft a while back that garnered a lot of negative reaction. Thankfully, there has apparently been a true and proper sequel to the Ghost Recon series in development for a year now.

Rumors state that it will come out within 1 year at the earliest, but I’m going to estimate that we might start seeing closed alphas at best at that point. If Ubisoft hasn’t learned from how Breakpoint’s story went (there are major bugs still in the game that have been present since the private technical tests), then sure.. 1 year to release is plausible.

Reality is, however, that major AAA games take a lot more to develop, and without some real effort put into updating the engine, the next Ghost Recon could fall flat on it’s face with performance issues, poor graphics and more relative to comparable titles.

That’s not even counting that Ubisoft is going to need to find ways to monetize the crap out of the game post-launch that will hopefully not cause as much hate as NFTs did in Breakpoint.

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