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It has been a long time since we’ve seen anything new for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, even in the NFT front. TU 4.5.0, however, is coming tomorrow and fixes a number of bugs.

I had surmised that NFTs in Breakpoint might help increase the game’s longevity. After a while, though, it would appear that I was wrong. I honestly am surprised we’re even seeing this patch.

For my fellow snipers this patch has minimal impact, but it does fix a bug that was introduced in a previous update (“Fixed an issue where any Sniper Rifle Scope would move up & down after shooting in crouched position”).. Hopefully. Ubisoft’s history of bug fixes are rather spotty, with some fixes not actually coming in despite multiple attempts at patching them (such as bipods not actually impacting range, despite changing the range stat on rifles).

I actually loaded up Breakpoint recently just because, after finishing Elden Ring, I wanted to mess around with an FPS for a bit that I had some muscle memory on, so it’s a bit of kismet that a bug fix patch is coming shortly.

Read the full patch notes for TU 4.5.0 here.

UPDATE: Ubisoft has officially announced that this patch is the final update for Breakpoint; no new content or patches will be released, but the servers will be maintained for some time. This means we won’t be seeing Moa island any time soon.