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If it weren’t completely obvious, I love sniper & stealth games. I almost exclusively play games with stealth or sniper mechanics (or at least plausible ballistics and tactics).

Sometimes, however, I need a break. Either because there is nothing new in the genres I enjoy coming soon, or because I’ve been playing one or two games so much in a short time period that I begin to feel like it can be a chore (especially when you’re busy putting together guides).

So, I like to find good games to take a break with. I just play them as a palette cleanser; a sort of balm to reduce burnout when you make part of your living covering certain niches in gaming.

I’ve enjoyed quite a few over the years. Biomutant was fun and delightful. Kena: Bridge of Spirits was adorable and I even wrote a bit about it on my personal site.

Tonight, though, I decided to re-install Control.

This isn’t a review, but I have to say: Control is a spectacular game that anybody who appreciates challenging gameplay with terrific art direction and brilliant storytelling (plus some great dry absurdist humor tossed in as a bit of relief occasionally).

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is another one like it. Just a great immersive experience with brilliant psychological storytelling (and yes, I’m excited for the sequel).

Games like these provide excellent counterpoints to modern stealth and tactical games, especially the ones I tend to play.

I don’t even finish them most of the time. Hell, despite being absolutely crazy for Control, I didn’t beat it. Maybe this time I will.

So, if you’re feeling like you might be getting a touch of burnout on your favorite game.. Try something else. It’s OK to take a break. Plus, you come back to your favorite games and can appreciate their own nuances more.