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Christmas/Winter Solstice/A Day Off From Work – or whatever else you choose to call it/celebrate – is almost over, and I decided to actually put something up just so Google knows I’m not dead yet.

For my holiday vacation I’ve been enjoying 2 games: SurrounDead (again, of course), and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

SurrounDead is great, and keeps getting better (and harder!), but I wanted something new. Something that I wouldn’t normally cover. Something where I wasn’t going to need to take notes, pull screenshots, and could actually use other folks’ guide content for once.

Jedi: Survivor is definitely that.

The game isn’t perfect; For $70 while having been released in April, you’d think the performance issues and crashes noted by reviewers at launch would be fixed, but.. Not really. I encountered a number of pain points that other reviewers noted were in their early review copies, which is just sad.

Still, it’s playable, and I managed to snag it cheap on the Epic store (half off + an extra discount). Overall, it’s been fun, and I’ve nearly beat the main story, and have also done plenty of exploring.

I liked Fallen Order (the predecessor), but Jedi: Survivor’s difficulty settings are what sold me on it. I’ve got the difficulty turned down just above Story mode, and it’s juuust right for me to feel a slight amount of tension, but no real hard frustration during a period of time where I want to relax. Plus, during winter my arthritis tends to be much worse, making my reflexes much slower than they already are.

I’m even debating giving NG+ a try, but I’m not quite sold on the idea of giving up all the cool little extras you learn along the way (the air dash, hook, electro-bolt, etc); In Ghost of Tsushima you got to keep the grappling hook in NG+, so why can’t I in Jedi: Survivor?

Who knows. Maybe if I finish the game early I’ll go back to Fallen Order and try to actually progress further in that.

Either way, I’m still on vacation, folks, so go out and play some games yourself.