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A stealth trailer sneakily dropped a while ago (so sneakily – intentionally – that they had to republish it publicly) for Payday 3; This showcases some heists as our protagonist(s) sneak into an art gallery and grab the goods in classic art-heist fashion. First, here’s the trailer:

I never even gave the original Payday, or the sequel, a shot. The focus on multiplayer was a big ole’ nope for me, as I rarely have the time to coordinate with other folks to get heisty. I do know there were bots in both 1 and 2, but I always felt kinda “meh” at that time about the idea, and after watching some gameplay loops, I passed.

Payday 3 is something I might try, despite the controversy of requiring you always maintain a connection to their servers even when playing solo.

My hope is that Payday 3 provides a nice “distraction” game that I can just hop in and play a round or two while I take a break from playing other games (like Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield, Star Citizen and more).

We’ll see what happens as the release date gets closer. If nothing else, I’ll most likely provide a review here.