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While I wait for other games to capture my interest (sorry, Jagged Alliance 3, but I left that series behind with the first title), I saw Gylt pop up on Steam, and thought it sounded like a nice diversion.

So far, so good.

Gylt didn’t just come out; it was actually released in 2019 as a Stadia exclusive, but Gylt disappeared with Stadia when Google shut it down.

Thankfully, the developers pushed it back out now and it’s available for most major platforms.

The game’s core premise is you are a little girl, your sister went missing, so you’ve been plastering flyers all over town. You get chased by bullies, and end up transported into an alternate Tim Burton-esque dimension of your town where things get wild and scary.

Overall, it plays a lot like A Plague Tale crossed with Stray, and the stealth is reasonably solid. Combat isn’t really combat; you’ve got a flashlight you can play with, but otherwise, you’re doing your best just to find your sister in the weird dimensional rift of your home town while avoiding the monsters.

The game is a bit heavy-handed in delivering on the core premise, and even though I am only a couple hours into it (the game is apparently quite short, coming in at around 5-12 hours depending on how you play), I have a pretty good feeling about why your sister disappeared thanks to the title and a lot of visual set pieces in the world.

So far I’m having fun just hopping in and playing for 30 minutes at a time, so expect a full review to come next weekend.