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If there is any sort of themed gaming sale event I can get behind, it’s one focused on stealth games.

Steam is hosting the Steam Stealth Fest this year from July 24 to the 31st. This, like most Steam sales, is going to feature a bunch of games at varying degrees of discounts.

One thing you’ll notice here is that there is a distinct number of featured games that are rather dated at this point.

That’s because stealth gaming as a genre has been rather ignored. Thief, Splinter Cell, and Metal Gear Solid have all been either ignored or just the target of remasters as of late. Assassin’s Creed has recently decided to get back into the actual stealth genre again with Mirage, but that’s not going to be out until October (barring any delays).

Still, it’ll be interesting to see if there is anything good I missed in my collection. Check back here when the event launches to see if there are any good sleepers worth grabbing.