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While I was waiting for some code to deploy for one of my other sites, I absentmindedly scrolled through one of my many news feeds I use to keep up on.. Well, everything.

One item that captured me was a story about Delta Force coming back, so.. I clicked it.

First, there was a trailer. It’s 30 seconds of.. Well, watch it first, then I’ll do my breakdown of why I’m extremely leery of this comeback.

Look, Delta Force 1 and 2 are the only ones that count. Really, just 1, but 2 wasn’t TOO bad. Land Warrior? I only had access to the demo and it didn’t perform well on my aging rig at the time, so I really had very little experience there.

What I do know, however, is that halfway through that trailer I almost metaphorically vomited.

The first gag in my throat was “Recon Arrow Out”.

Seriously? Look, Land Warrior DID have the OICW, but at least that was a legitimate concept weapon (despite never seeing actual use).

It goes even further off the rails when the PC yells “Powering Up” with a fist pump, and then he runs out into the middle of a firefight with no cover.

Oh, and later he shoots a helo at close range with a rocket launcher?

Ok. Ok. I’m trying to breathe here, but.. This is just disgusting, and it most certainly isn’t Delta Force. In fact, I may have jinxed myself when I wrote that other article based on this statement..

If there was any game I’d love to see a reboot of, it would be Delta Force. As long as it doesn’t become another Modern Warfare or Call of Duty, on-the-rails singleplayer, quickscoping run-and-gun multiplayer experience, it could bring a refreshing breath of air to the military shooter genre.

-Me, years ago..

I gets worse, though.

Apparently the single player campaign will be loosely based on the movie Black Hawk Down.

Yes, they specifically said the MOVIE.

Not the actual book, which is based on a true story.

That’s right: They are going derivative of a derivative of a derivative here.

I’m just.. This is absurd.

If I can get my hands on a review copy I’ll review it, but at this point? I’m not getting my hopes up on it being, you know.. Good.