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9/3/2020, 16:39

The Accessibility of Stealth, Sniper & Tactical Games

September is Pain Awareness Month, so I'd like to share one of the other reasons I created GGN

9/2/2020, 16:08

Desperados 3 Mac & Linux Release

Riding alongside the latest DLC, Mac & Linux users get another tactical game to their library

9/1/2020, 10:40

Wonhon: A Vengeful Spirit has a new trailer

We get to see a little more from the game, including a big, bad bird

8/31/2020, 16:16

Solasta: Crown of the Magister coming to Early Access on Steam

Hot on the heels of Baldur's Gate 3, Solasta embraces the D&D 5.1 ruleset and verticality

8/30/2020, 7:54

Ghost Gamer History: Rainbow 6

The classic started out as an icon of tactical gameplay, stealth and planning. What happened?

8/29/2020, 8:54

The Stone of Madness Unveiled

The Stone of Madness combines tactical stealth gameplay with a unique story, art direction and sanity mechanics

8/28/2020, 17:13

The Ghost Gaming Weekend: Free Stealth & Tactical Games!

Shadowrun Returns and Hitman are currently free, and more Ghost Recon Breakpoint sniper content coming!

8/26/2020, 11:50

Alternate Take: Wasteland 3

The classic tactical post-apocalyptic game has a beautiful new release

8/21/2020, 17:07

The Ghost Gaming Weekend: Playing Catchup

Party games, catching up with SGW Contracts, and a new GRBP ranging guide

8/18/2020, 6:39

Alternate Take: Desperados 3

A western stealth-tactical romp that's short, accessible and entertaining

8/16/2020, 0:43

Alternate Take: Corruption 2029 Review

Tactical turn-based stealth falls flat according to RPS

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