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Ready Or Not’s last big update introduced a LOT of new content and features.

It also introduced an extremely hilarious bug.

You see, Ready or Not is a challenging game. The latest patch made it even more challenging, but it seems it was a bit.. Well.. Too challenging.

Foes would take as many as 5 shots with a 5.56 rifle round and still be able to shoot at, stab, or run away from you.

If you weren’t aware, that’s.. Not normal. Sure, if every single enemy was on PCP and had an adamantium skeleton, maybe, but those are the exceptions: Not the rules.

As it turns out, the real problem was much more hilarious: By holding their arms in front of their body to block the shot, the damage was reduced because bullets couldn’t penetrate limbs.

What was even more hilarious was that the patch introduced effective body armor for suspects (requiring the use of AP ammo), and it seemed that the body armor didn’t quite work as well as the limb-blocking technique.

At least the bug is patched now. I didn’t have time to play before I saw the bug being reported, so once I saw that I figured I’d hold off until the patch came out.

So.. Now I can play RoN without having to worry about not being able to penetrate a suspect’s limbs.

Ready or Not is still in early access, so this bug isn’t really as big of a deal as.. Say.. A stealth game where stealth is completely bugged and broken (nice job there, Ubisoft).

Read the rest of the patch notes here.