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So, Road to Vostok is an interesting game based on the public demo that was released yesterday.

A cross between Escape from Tarkov and STALKER, you get a taste of the gameplay in the first public demo, and I have to say.. If this is what the game looks and plays like this early on, we’re in for something well worth your time.

It’s challenging; The only HUD you have is what you see in the upper-left; no ammo counters, no enemy markers, nothing.. And spotting enemies can be a challenge.

Believe it or not, I am aiming right at an enemy

Road to Vostok isn’t necessarily a stealth game, but it plays a bit like one. You want to go unnoticed as much as you can, because spotting your enemies before they spot you (at least in this demo) is a real challenge.

Even when they are firing at you it took a keen eye to catch the muzzle flash; this is the only gripe I really had here, because even my little 22LR pistol has quite a flash in the real world.

Sound is the other indicator here: I typically pinpointed my foes first by sound, which was really well done.

I’m just glad they weren’t great shots.

There really isn’t a lot to do here, but I’m actually thinking I want to play it more tonight.

This little taste of gameplay is spectacular, and shows that Road to Vostok is definitely a game to watch out for.

You can get the demo for free here.